A Lichess access token for NSC online tournaments

What is a Lichess access token

  • For each player at an NSC online tournament, we need to register their Lichess username and a valid access token for use during the tournament.
  • A Lichess access token is a kind of certificate that gives the holder certain permissions to act on your behalf
  • The power granted by an access token is limited, and does not extend beyond a reasonable set of permissions as provided by settings in Lichess. For instance, it is not possible to grant someone the power to change your account settings, or play games on your behalf
  • NSC online tournaments require a certificate from each Lichess account in the tournament, with 3 specific permissions. This allows the NSC tournament system to automatically manage games according to pairings from each round, and monitor game information as the round progresses.
  • The access token provided to us should have the following permissions set:
    1. Read incoming challenges
    2. Create,accept,decline challenges
    3. Play games with the board API
  • Any extra permissions set in the provided access token will be ignored by NSC

Who needs to create a token?

  • If you are using an NSC Managed Lichess account, no need to create your own - we will create the token for you. (We will also create the managed account for you if you don't already have one)
  • If you are not using an NSC Managed Lichess account, you will need to create your access token and send us the following details by email or as part of the registration (as applicable):
    1. Your Lichess username
    2. Your access token, with the 3 required permissions.
  • Watch this video to see how to create the access token for an NSC online tournament