Coaching programs with Northern Star

Northern Star Chess coaches are supported in our work by our qualified FIDE Trainer advisor, from coach training to coaching materials used. This ensures consistency and quality across our coaching programs.

Chess as part of the school curriculum

Northern Star Chess coaches attend the school on days when the special program of chess is conducted.

There are many different ways to run chess as a specialist program. Here are some examples from schools currently offering chess in their curriculum:

  • Offer chess to some or all students. For instance, offer this for all grades 3 and 4, or all grades 5 and 6. In secondary schools, offer chess as one of the end of year activities in years 7 and 8, or one of the electives in years 9 and 10.
  • Tailored coaching courses for different year levels. For instance, Beginner-Intro classes for the more junior years (where they learn the basics of chess with special games and activities), and more advanced tactics and theory for the higher year levels.
  • Offer chess for part of the school year. Terms 2 and 3 are popular choices, as indoor activities are more attractive during the winter months.

Ad hoc Coaching Sessions

We accomodate schools wishing to run once-off coaching sessions, and can liaise with the schools on meeting specific needs. For instance:

  • Series of 5 weekly coaching sessions - very popular! Gives the students a taste, and allows parents to 'try before they buy'.
  • Half day sessions with all the Grade 5 and 6 students to prepare for an up-coming chess tournament
  • P2 Chess Fest - Chess Incursion program for the Prep to Grade 2 children over a number of weeks.

Individual Coaching Sessions

For schools with competent players who wish to accelerate their individual improvement. We recommend private individual coaching

  • One or two students per session
  • Weekly sessions of 50 minutes to 1 hour duration, depending on individual school timetable

Group Coaching Sessions

These caters for a larger number of students at a time

  • More affordable for individual students
  • Up to 20 students in groups of similar skill levels
  • For larger groups, teacher presence is required