NSC Online Tournaments

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The NSC online tournament system consists of 3 elements:

  1. Pyrus: Northern Star Chess's own tournament management system. Pyrus was used to conduct NSC tournaments before the COVID lockdown. It provides flexibility for the many ways NSC conducts chess tournaments to suit the needs of events. We have extended Pyrus with integration to Lichess to provide a satisfying online chess tournament experience.
  2. Lichess: NSC online tournaments use Lichess as a feature-rich, cheat-detection-enabled online chess playing platform. Kid-friendly accounts are available for students, tried and tested cheat detection ensures integrity and integration allows our system to provide highly automated tournaments while offering many features for players and spectators.
  3. NSC Tournament Home Page: Each NSC Online tournament has a dedicated webpage where Pyrus publishes tournament information of the event. It is the place to be for players and observers. Pyrus automatically creates games on Lichess and provide game links on this event page so players can easily access their games each round, and observers can browse through all the games. Many features on the Tournament Home Page are available for participants to enjoy the experience.
    Here is more information on the NSC Tournament Home Page...