Help/Tips: NSC Online Tournaments

Help guides for players of NSC online tournaments

Here are some help topics for players in NSC online touranaments.

How to create a lichess access token (Go to Help page)

You can participate in an NSC online tournament using an NSC Managed Lichess account. You won't need to create the token - we will organise it for you.

However, if you wish to use your own Lichess account, or you have a Manage account that is not managed by NSC, then you will need to provide your Lichess account username and an access token with the correct settings to us for the tournament.

Click here to read more about Lichess access tokens

Watch this video to see
how to create an access token.

The NSC Tournament home page - Start here (Go to Help page)

Each NSC online tournament has it's own Tournament home page. Open up the tournament page before round 1 start time for everything you need during the tournament.

Contact us if you don't know where to find the tournament page for your event.

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Quick Start: Find your game and play (Go to Help page)

The NSC Tournament Home Page for your event is where you need to be. You can find your game quickly each round and start playing, or check out live games on other boards, all from the same spot.

Go to the Quick Start guide for more tips

Watch this video to see
how to find your game and play