Lichess and NSC Online Tournaments

NSC online tournaments use Lichess as the online chess playing platform. To play in an NSC online tournament, we need to know 2 things about the player:

  1. The username of the Lichess account to be used in the tournament (so the player can play their games)
  2. An access token with the correct permission settings for the provided username (so our system can automatically create games for players based on pairings of each round)

Types of Lichess accounts:

There are two types of Lichess accounts, either can be used to play in an NSC Online tournament:

  • A normal (autonomous) account where you Sign up on Lichess as an individual, providing your name and an email address for your account.

    If you would like to use a normal Lichess account and do not yet have one, you can sign up to Lichess here.
  • A Managed account where an account is created for you (typically for students but anyone can request one). You are given a generated name, you are not required to provide an email address and general chatting is disabled for this type of account.

    NSC creates managed accounts for students who participate in NSC online coaching programs. If you have one of these, (an NSC Managed account) you can use it to play in an NSC online tournament.

  • How to create a Lichess access token: