Section for school chess coordinators

Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can
put together a program that is suitable for your school situation.

Northern Star Chess e-learning programs for schools

Northern Star Chess is offering a suite of safe and secure online programs that provides chess coaching and playing for school groups, whether students are connected at school or at home.

NSC e-learning chess clubs for schools

This program offers an online version of our standard school chess club. This may be to individual students connected at home, or a teacher-supervised group of students at school.

A coaching session is delivered by one of our instructors using an online meeting application. The school can set up a meeting and invite the instructor to attend and deliver the program to the students. Optionally, we can offer a controlled set up using Zoom with high level of security for student participation.

Game play amongst students is conducted with accounts on Lichess online chess play. We setup Managed accounts (child-friendly accounts) for students to participate in private classes within Lichess. Student identities (names, other details) are not visible outside of their class.

How to organise your chess club - Term 2 2020

We are planning to offer e-learning programs from the beginning of term 2 of 2020. We have conducted a number of trial sessions with very willing volunteer students, and coaches are undergoing training to deliver the programs. However, due to this being new to us as well as the schools/students, we have planned a stagger-start schedule where a limited number of school programs may start each week.