School lessons

Coaching sessions delivered online

When an e-learning program is booked, we liaise with the school to plan the method of adminstration and delivery. This includes:

  • How we securely communicate information to students, such as meeting invitations and account information. For instance, via the school coordinator as proxy.
  • How to arrange online meetings.

Coaching session delivered online

A coaching session is delivered by one of our coaches using an online meeting application. There are a number of ways to manage this:

  1. The school sets up a meeting and invites the coach to attend and deliver the program to the students. We will liais with the school to ensure features are available to the coach for effective program delivery. Security of the sessions is the responsibility of the school.
  2. We can offer a controlled set up using Zoom with high level of security for student participation:
    • We schedule Zoom meetings and securely communicate the invitation details to the students via agreed means.
    • Participants can join the meetings without registering an account with Zoom. For the first time Zoom user, download and install Zoom on your computer or device to join without an account.
    • All our Zoom meetings are password protected, with participants initially being placed in a Waiting Room upon joining. This allows only registered people to be admitted to our meetings
    • The coach conducts the meeting with an on screen chess board
    • Private chatting is disabled amongst participants.
    • All meetings are recorded for internal filing and accountability. Only image of the coach and shared screen content is recorded, Images of children are not included.

After the coach finishes delivering the chess lesson, the students will be organised to play chess games.