Attend a Zonal

Students can be registered for an event in one of 2 ways:
  1. By a school coordinator, who registers a team of players collectively with us via email
  2. By a parent/guardian, who registers the student using a booking service on Trybooking

School team registration

  • Check for a suitable event for your school here
  • Once you have decided on an event to attend, reserve places for your school by email. Please note that some events traditionally fills very quickly once official invitations are sent out. By reserving places, your school is guaranteed those places for the event.
  • Closer to the day of the event, confirm your reservation by registering all the children you can confirm from your school by email.
    In the email, supply the following information:
    1. Name of School
    2. Contact person (teacher/coordinator)
    3. List of students attending tournament
      - Names
      - Grade
      - Gender (ie. students who are eligible for the Girls category prizes)
    Please note, many venues have a maximum capacity. To avoid disappointment, please forward confirmed list of students at your earliest opportunity. Changes and additions to your school list can be made right up to the start of the tournament provided there are still vacancies.
  • Students should make payment to their own school, for the amount as nominated by the school. Northern Star Chess will send an invoice to each attending school for the entry fees, with the list of students who actually attended the event from that school

Individual registration (by parent/guardian)

  • If you want to register your child for an event as an individual, you can use the booking service set up on Trybooking. Here are the links for 2024:

    About the booking services:

    • These zonal booking services are free to use for registration of any number of zonal events.
    • We will reserve the registered place(s) at those events for your child(ren)
    • Please make sure you use valid information for phone number and email. We will use these information to contact you about these events if/when we need to
    • There is no payment requested at the time of booking. Payment instructions are available in the confirmation email sent to you immediately after a Trybooking registration.
  • It is your responsiblity to liaise with your child's school regarding taking the day off school for the chess tournament
  • Arrive by 9.30am to sign in your child for the event. Entry fee can be paid at this time
  • You should provide adult supervision for your child during the day of the event. If you or the supervising adult needs to leave the venue for any length of time, we will rely on the contact information from your Trybooking registration
  • The adult who takes an individual player home at the end of the event needs to be at the venue by no later than 2pm, or otherwise advised at the time of sign-in.

Northern Star Chess Qualifying Rules for Primary Open and Secondary Open events:
After the last round, State Final qualifications will be determined and announced.

  • top 30% students qualify to represent their schools at the NSC Victorian Schools Open State Final for their division (Primary or Secondary)
  • top 30% female students qualify to represent their schools at the NSC Victorian Schools Girls State Final for their division (Primary or Secondary)

NSC zonal tournament results are published on our website here. In line with our privacy policy, student surnames are omitted in published results on the website.

In term 3, registration information will be sent out to all schools which have qualified students for any state final events.