NSC Vic Schools State Finals

Top students from each NSC zonal during the year qualify for one or more of the NSC suite of Victorian Schools State Finals. There are 5 divisions:

  • Junior Primary (Prep to Grade 3)
  • Primary Open
  • Primary Girls
  • Secondary Open
  • Secondary Girls

With the exception of Primary Open, qualification from zonal events for each of the other 4 divisions progress directly to the State Final event of the division

For the Primary Open division, qualification from zonal events progress to an intermediate suite of semi-finals, due to the large number of students who qualify from zonals each year. Top 25% of each semi-final progress to the Primary Open Super Final

All finals event acknowledge winners in both school team achievements and individual achievements. Prizes are awarded to multiple winners in each category.

Additionally, the winning school in each of the 5 divisions will hold the perpetual trophy of that division for a year until the state final of the following year. The name of the winning schools in each division will be engraved for the respective trophies