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NSC COVID-19 epidemic announcement

Tournaments and Sunday chess activities postponed.

We have been monitoring the situation with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic in Victoria for some time. As the situation has escalated rapidly over the last few days, it is now prudent for us to take action. In the interests of the health of NSC event attendee, and to do our part in the community response to the epidemic, we have decided to cancel all scheduled tournament events and Sunday chess activities.

The reasons for this include:

  • Escalation of the situation over the last few days, including the exponential increase in the numbers infected in Victoria and the declaration of a state of emergency.
  • The Department of Education calling for all excursions to be cancelled from 17th March
  • Concern that chess involves players sitting face to face for long periods and handling equipment handled by others.
  • The community-wide advice to practice social distancing to reduce the risk of infection.

In the wider chess community, a number of major Victorian chess clubs including Melbourne Chess Club and Croydon Chess Club have ceased operation. Other organisations providing similar events, including Chess Victoria, have also announced cancellation of upcoming events.

School chess club programs are finishing for this term. These program are conducted in more controlled environments, students are at school where they are spending the rest of their school days. As long as schools are happy for the program to continue and it is within government guidelines, we will support their decision. Our coaches are asked that they refrain from working if they are unwell, or self isolate should it become necessary for them to do so based on government guidelines.

Remote learning program options

If disruption of normal operation extends into term 2, we will endeavour to offer remote learning programs. Please contact us to discuss suitability of options for your schools from the beginning of term 2

If any students are interested in organising private coaching sessions remotely, please ask that their parents get in touch with us E: info@Northernstarchess.com

All the best...hope to be in touch soon!

On behalf of Northern Star Chess, we hope that you stay safe through this trying period of our history. When it is safe to return to normal operation again we will be in touch to resume the many chess activities and programs we offer.

The latest Government advice can be found here.