Step 3 series

To proceed with the third step the knowledge from step two is indispensable, but apart from that step three is not really difficult.

The tactics issues are relatively easy and also the lessons about defending against tactics should not cause any problems. Only trapping is a bit tricky. It can be compared to mating but now instead of the king another piece is the victim.

Furthermore, attention is being paid to the first pawn endgames. For some students it is straight forward, but for those who still have problems with the control of space it can be challenging.

In this step we begin to teach supporting skills. One of them is 'thinking ahead'. The student calculates in his head the possibilities and visualizes ( tries to imagine) new situations which arise on the chess board. The ability to grasp this skill can differ enormously from student to student.

'The third step' consists of a manual and workbooks.

  • Manual for chess trainers Step 3
  • Workbook Step 3
  • Workbook Step 3 extra
  • Workbook Step 3 plus
  • Workbook Step 3 thinking ahead
  • Workbook Step 3 mix