Philosophies employed include:

  • Engaging children in the 16 habits of mind through chess. The focus is on long term benefits for the child.
  • Introducing the game to young children in primary schools. Encourage involvement with children from the infant grades. We have seen many very promising chess players as young as grade 1!
  • Encouraging continued progress through involvement with tournaments. By attending regular tournaments, children are excited, enthused and inspired. Tournaments provide them with a focus, a vehicle to consolidate and reinforce their learning and encourage involvement in further learning forums such as chess clubs and coaching.
  • Providing a Tiered Recognition program. A number of awards, graded for different ability and age levels, are given out at each tourament to inspire every attendee. The tiered approach ensures plenty of milestones for aspiration and enhances individual desire for progress.
  • Providing quality chess learning resources in our Chess Study Cards and related learning aides.