About NSC Junior Tournament Squad

NSC Junior Tournament Squad
Sundays 2:30pm to 4:00pm (approx)

  • Open to NSC Sunday Junior Chess Club participants, ready for the extended experience
  • Suited to students whose skills are progressing and who wish to learn to play in chess tournaments over longer time limits.

What is the NSC Junior Tournament Squad?

  • Expert chess tournament training and advice on chess tournament performance
  • A Junior Tournament Squad Event of 9 rounds during week 2 to week 6
  • Time control is 25 mins per player plus 10 seconds added each move
  • Players record their games on a score sheet
  • Opportunites to have games analysed with a coach
  • Chess puzzle training available as players finish their first games and waiting for the next round

Why Junior Tournament Squad?

  • Experience full tournament conditions and recording moves
  • Get more out of your brain by playing over longer time limits
  • Learn Mental Discipline and Impulse Control at the chess board
  • Learn to recognise the right time to pause and calculate
  • Learn the art of taking calculated risks
  • Develop important habits of mind by engaging in chess tournament play

Report: JTS program - Term 3, 2022 (Tim Broome, Head Coach)

The JTS program has this year seen a lot of term on term continuity, and new students joining in too. The JTS cohort are all showing plenty of improvement, as our coaches continue to nurture their habits of mind and their thinking skills in the areas of Mental Discipline and Patience, Carefulness, Wider Thinking, Forward Thinking and Calculation, Pattern Recognition.

In term 4 our maximum time control will be 25 mins plus 10 secs per move, as this enables two games to be played each week and minimises downtime. Whilst we are happy with how things are structured, it is good to keep a little variety in our activities and not become over-formulaic. For Term 4 only, in the second half of the term, we are planning to invite parents, if they wish, to come and join in some of our JTS activities. We think this will be a fun addition, which may also contribute to the very valued role that parents are able to play at home encouraging and supporting their children's interests and activities.