About NSC Junior Tournament Squad

NSC Junior Tournament Squad - Sundays 2:30pm to 4:00pm (approx)

  • Open to NSC Sunday Junior Chess Club participants, ready for the extended experience
  • Suited to students whose skills are progressing and who wish to learn to play in chess tournaments over longer time limits.

What is the NSC Junior Tournament Squad?

  • Expert chess tournament training and advice on chess tournament performance
  • A Junior Tournament Squad Event of 9 rounds during week 2 to week 6
  • Time control is 25 mins per player plus 10 seconds added each move
  • Players record their games on a score sheet
  • Opportunites to have games analysed with a coach
  • Chess puzzle training available as players finish their first games and waiting for the next round

Why Junior Tournament Squad?

  • Experience full tournament conditions and recording moves
  • Get more out of your brain by playing over longer time limits
  • Learn Mental Discipline and Impulse Control at the chess board
  • Learn to recognise the right time to pause and calculate
  • Learn the art of taking calculated risks
  • Develop important habits of mind by engaging in chess tournament play

Report: JTS program - Term 2, 2021 (Tim Broome, Head Coach)

We reorganised our JTS program at the start of Term 2. We shortened the time controls to allow 2 games per week in our JTS tournament and introduced educational game analysis and puzzle activities as students finished their games. Tim and Ryan have also been working in a very focussed way to teach the participants how to use their time to improve their chessboard thinking skills in areas such as Mental Discipline and Patience, Carefulness, Wider Thinking, Forward Thinking and Calculation, Pattern Recognition.

The term suffered some interruptions due to covid restrictions, but we took the view that the goals of the JTS would not be best served by online competition, and we successfully completed the program with face-to-face make-up sessions. We finished off the term with a valuable activity, a semi-competitive Themed Session in which we familiarised the players with some different openings, and their typical pawn structures, game plans and piece placement ideas.

The initiatives we have taken in Term 2 have resulted in happy feedback from the students and their parents. We have been very impressed with the application shown by all of the players, with a quiet atmosphere, longer games being played on all boards, and improved skills all round. The JTS will continue very much in the same vein in Term 3. We are dedicated to the development of chessboard thinking skills with the right balance of fun and discipline. Come along on Sunday afternoons and see what we mean!