Northern Star Chess conduct a selection of chess tournaments to suit the needs of schools. Competition is amongst individual students, as we find this to encourage students of all skills level to participate, taking away the often difficult logistics of school team size and selection. The focus can remain on an enriching chess experience for every student, whatever the size of the school contingent.

  • Children are paired to play with others of similar skill levels.
  • Proper tournament rules are in place.
  • The Tiered Recognition Program for each tournament is as follows:
Certificates: Every attending child is awarded a certificate based on the child's final score for the day. 4 levels of certificates provided -
  • Certificate of Participation,
  • Certificate of Credit,
  • Certificate of Distinction and
  • Certificate of High Distinction.
Medals: Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded to a number of different grade levels.
Trophy: One trophy - the Star of the Tournament, is awarded to the top scorer of the tournament.